Edmunds and Eve

At Edmunds & Eve, we specialise in helping clients to plan for and efficiently effect, the matters that come with the ‘end-game of a life’ – whether it comes sooner or later – including dementia, death and taxes. With years of professional experience and polished bed-side manner we gather your information, analyse it, and create you a bespoke Will and plan that reflects your TRUE wish, this includes helping you to compose your funeral of choice.

Our focus is your focus; to get you what you want with minimum cost and expense, as well as mitigating the inheritance tax that your loved ones may have to pay on their legacy. (your Estate)

Every family is different, so a Will and plan are never the same.  With Edmunds & Eve, you can be sure that your circumstances such as your family dynamic, interests and beliefs, are represented in the best possible way for you and your family.

If you are running a family business, our business succession plans ensure that your business will not die with you or end up in a place that you did not want it to. Through careful consideration and analysis of your unique situation, we will help you to map out the best path for you to follow and help to ensure continued success after your death, to keep your spouse and family unit in the lifestyle that you provided.

Based in Wokingham, Berkshire; we have worked closely with individuals and business owners to plan their financial futures for over 22 years. With a reputation for providing a highly personalised, detailed and friendly service, it’s no wonder that our clients are content to keep with us for continued services for their family members.  Many potential clients ask questions such as - “do you know?” or “could you recommend?”.