If you're looking for a fresh and original way to market your business, Just Add Sauce can help. We have a creative approach so that you stand out from the crowd along with a strong strategic focus so that your business goals always underpin the work we create.

We provide our clients with a full marketing service from social media to paid print adverts. With a solid network of graphic designers and web specialists, we'll bring in an extended team when needed.

We work with businesses to help them achieve regular sales from their best types of customers. We take them from being frustrated and overwhelmed to being confident in the knowledge that their marketing is streamlined, well-organised and working hard to deliver returns for them. With a background in marketing and communications, Just Add Sauce can see the bigger picture of how a business can be best placed to market its services and products.

Work with me:
When you're overwhelmed, don't know what to do next and can't figure out which marketing will work for you we can provide a trusted pair of hands. We develop and nurture marketing plans and actions to deliver growth for your business. Our focus is on:

  • Strategic goals are broken down into monthly projects
  • A consistent approach so that you don't end up with a stop/start look from a customer perspective
  • Concurrent campaigns across different channels for a strong marketing push
  • Building in marketing elements in the order they are needed
  • Our resources can be planned ahead for a sensible workflow and we can deliver a top quality outsourced marketing service for our clients.

Providing our clients with an ongoing marketing service for a set number of hours a month delivers great campaigns for our clients and tremendous job satisfaction for us! We can look ahead for opportunities, build good customer relationships and demonstrate commitment to the marketing of your business.